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Dish that surprised me

This recipe came as a surprise to me… when I looked at the ingredients I was a bit iffy on whether It would be a hit or not. This dish, is amazing. You get the richness and creamy comfort of a hearty pasta plate, without the use of gluten or dairy. It’s a great winter […]


My answer to What is your favorite dish to prepare?

So the big ask is “what is your favorite dish to prepare?” Hands down curried meatballs…they are everyone’s favorite. Gluten free and paleo, and packed again with immune boosting herbs and spices. This dish is also a heart warmer, meaning everything in it is supporting the cardiovascular system, from the curry all the way to […]



“If this were the last night of the world, What would I do? What would I do that was different? Unless it was champagne with you.” Grandmother used to let us stay awake. The farm sat on seven acres, Our Snow White, green roofed home a warm fortress from the Expansive cold- The clock would strike, She […]


Join Us For Our First locally Sourced Farm Dinner!


Falling For Farms

Welcome to Q’s Kitchen. It’s been a while. I have taken a little over a year off from this site to pursue….well…life. Before I return to blogging I want to let you look around the site a bit and get aquainted.  If you like what you see you can find more of my recent writings […]


Dysfunction Junction

  Welcome to the annual Dysfunction Junction that is every parent’s yearly duty to attend with their children…otherwise known as the annual Fall Farm Visit…the place where you pick pumpkins, weave your wagons in and out of other parents with the same “I wish they spiked this cider” look that you have, spend countless dollars […]


Dear Chicago

  Dear Chicago, You have looked me square in the Shoulders ever since I was a patent leather -shoed princess dancing under dinosaur bones at your famed museums. I have eaten at Ed’s….cruised your waters, watched my mother grace your stages, bleacher bummed my way through high school, blasted through the 20 mile marathon wall […]


Adventures of College Dropout

Once upon a time in Boulder Colorado there was a college dropout who lived with five other girls up on the hill on a house appropriately named “The Moontower” and if you knew her and her friends; there was no other place she (or they for that matter) should have resided. She dropped out of […]


Adventures of The Twisted Piggy Pizza

  Audition Update: And so after a long night that ended up with us horking down hot dogs on the lake, me knee deep in water (what else is new?)….waking up to Pink Sky and calm water….quietly prepping my Pig Pizza with shaky hands and a slight headache….Doorman eyeing me on the way out and […]


Comfort Casserole

The flood of memories from Spring Hill Farm inspired me to introduce you to Fred. I don’t know his last name,(and he has since passed on) my parents cannot remember either. But he was the inspiration for many of your memories,…and he was Deaf. He was tall and thin and my memories consist of him […]

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