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Adventures of College Dropout

Once upon a time in Boulder Colorado there was a college dropout who lived with five other girls up on the hill on a house appropriately named “The Moontower” and if you knew her and her friends; there was no other place she (or they for that matter) should have resided. She dropped out of college to chef with fools and friends to make ends meet…to keep her up in the mountains on weekends and powder days. She learned recipes handed down from the hippie owners who trusted her to run their Organic Establishment up on the Hill next to the University where she was once an English major.

On hot days her and her friends would drive up to Fourth of July Pass, put their beers in plastic bags tied to trees that ran along the glacial creeks to keep them cool….sleep under the stars and oftentimes hitch hike back to work groggy and smelling of campfire…. They spent early mornings shredding chicken, pulsing hummus, baking banana bread to the Grateful Dead and wondering what path exactly they were on. She learned how to make stock, bake round the clock, and use ingredients like Soy and Spelt before they were a sparkle in Gywnth Paltrow’s eye.

She never knew that those early mornings coming down from the mountains to bake big batches of blueberry muffins, pillowy pumpkin squares (which remain the legendary recipe unicorn to any of us who ever tried them), stirring simmering soups, and feeding the Republic of Boulder would ever tie back into her dream of being a writer…years later, cooking in much more sophisticated circumstances but still surrounded by a beautiful band of merry fools; the worlds have collided and there is a happy ending…and todays recipes are a tribute to the early days working, playing, and cooking alongside many of the minds that inspire the recipes you see here every day.


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