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Dear Chicago


Dear Chicago,

You have looked me square in the Shoulders ever since I was a patent leather -shoed princess dancing under dinosaur bones at your famed museums.

I have eaten at Ed’s….cruised your waters, watched my mother grace your stages, bleacher bummed my way through high school, blasted through the 20 mile marathon wall in Chinatown, interviewed with the snivelling Matthew Pritzker on the 96th floor, danced my way through your underground, and came out to sunlight over your lake, drank in your dives, been blown away at Blackbird, salted my way out of several grease fires on your prominent rooftops….overlooking that lake that has remained the constant through the years of change.

I have weaved my way through meat markets where pigs spindle down from the ceiling, frolicked in your fish markets, toppled out tipsy from your wine and cheese purveyors, found the meaning of fresh at your farmers markets….and like a long lost friend from days gone by… and no matter how long I have been hauling myself down here for one reason another, you always seem to show me another side of yourself every time we meet…I wonder what you have for me today.


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