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Dysfunction Junction



Welcome to the annual Dysfunction Junction that is every parent’s yearly duty to attend with their children…otherwise known as the annual Fall Farm Visit…the place where you pick pumpkins, weave your wagons in and out of other parents with the same “I wish they spiked this cider” look that you have, spend countless dollars to feed pea brain goat cups of corn only to perpetuate the animal cruelty issue that we all stifle and stuff down so our kids can learn about fall on the farm.


We pulled it off early and decided to go yesterday, and while Cooper was shooting corn out of cannons, Dave’s son and I took a walk….we weaved passed people packed in line for face paint, two or three toddlers doing the Jellyfish-Back-Arching- Too-Much-Carmel-on- the-Apple-Tantrum-Dance, and found our solace down a quiet gravel back road that ran along a line of fresh picked corn. Although we could still hear the fan fair in the background, the sound of wind through the dry fields took over….we walked quietly away and got a back alley view of fall creeping into the corners.


His green eyes against the burnt color of corn, the yellows from the leaves that rippled like schools of fish as our feet shuffled down the gravel road, the deep orange and dark greens of tilled soybean fields has inspired the first fall comfort dish of the year. Yes, I will get to Chili, I even snuck in a Shepherds pie last week, but today as I am writing, I have a big fat cut up chicken simmering in cilantro, lemon peel, ginger, clove, paprika, garlic, and shallot….the colors of fall in a dish that is Moroccan in Origin….a country that’s colors match the view from my window. Burnt Orange dutch oven, Deep Red rubbed chicken, Canary Yellow lemons, Crisp cool cilantro, Creamy garlic, and peeled Purple shallot….in a few hours this will be comfort on a plate for my clients…and perhaps a dish to warm your family after a long day picking at the pumpkin patch.

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