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First Grade Farewell

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samson williams porn I am doing the “best I can”….but what the Hell does that mean?  Target just spit me out with bags of Minion Shirts and Minecraft socks in hopes that you may meet a friend with similar interests, packages of Pringles and Scooby Snacks because Lord knows that those Organical lunch boxes on the cover of Parenting magazine have become a distant dream; not only because you would not touch it with a ten foot pole…but because there is hardly enough time to get the hairs on your head (or mine) in order in the morning.

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hentai xxx stream You are going to be blasted by the eight o’clock bed time that is coming your way in two days, you will not be happy that I am finally putting my Apps back on my phone that I have deleted to make room for your Star Wars everything,  I know the little area in the dining room I have arranged for your homework time is not going to blow your mind…but these little things are be done as my best effort to start you off right…to assuage my guilt that I cannot be there for every moment…to give you a sense of security as you grow into another year….you will hardly notice.

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milf picturws I hardly noticed how big my parents love was until I had you.  So with that truth in my mind and your back pocket, along with your Star Wars lunchbox, a new pair of shoes, the experience of one solid summer behind us, and a bright beautiful future ahead of us, and the fact that everything I do is because you are mine, I send you out…and that is the best I can do.

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